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European Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (EJBMS) is a scientific publication of Modestum Publishing LTD. Please entirely read the instructions discussed below before submitting your manuscript to the journal. European Journal of Basic Medical Sciences publishes original articles on clinical or experimental work, case histories reporting unusual syndromes or diseases, brief reports, technical and educative reviews, recent advancement of knowledge of the medical sciences with original images, questionnaires of defining disease, and letters to the editor. Final recommendation for publication is made by the editorial board and at least two independent reviewers. The copyrights of articles accepted for publication belong to the journal. This is determined by the assignment of copyright statement, signed by all authors. The journal is published four times in a year. The language of the journal is English. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not be published before or not under consideration elsewhere (in the case of previous oral or poster presentation of the paper at scientific meetings author should inform the journal). The full responsibility of the articles (ethic, scientific, legal, etc.) published in the journal belong to the authors. If the paper is not prepared in conformity with the writing instructions, decision for its evaluation will be made by the members of the editorial board.

All correspondences (manuscript submission, follow up, reviewer reports, revision files, acceptance form and other forms about publication) about European Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (EJBMS) should be made online at The rules about the manuscripts that would be submitted are given below.

Writing Instructions

Submitted manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word program. All manuscripts, figures and pictures must be submitted electronically as Word and PDF format on Authors should ensure that (apart from the title page) the manuscript should contain no clues about the identity of authors and institution where the study was performed.

All papers should be arranged on the basis of following sequence: 1. Title page,  2. English abstract, 3. Text of the article, 4. References, 5. Table(s), 6. Figure(s) and illustration(s), 7. Figure legend(s).

In the original articles number of words should not exceed 4000 (except abstract, references, tables, figures and legeds) for the text of article and 300 for the abstract. Upper limit for reference number is 40, and this limit is 10 for tables and figures. Abstracts should be written as a paragraph.

Case reports should be composed of  English title, English abstract, introduction, case report, discussion and references. The number of typewritten pages should not exceed 8 pages and 3 picture in case reports. In abstract, numbers of words should not exceed 150 and should be written as a paragraph.

Reviews should be composed of  English title. In abstract, numbers of words should not exceed 300. In reviews number of tables and figures (or pictures) should not exceed 6. Abstracts should be written as a paragraph.

Letter to editor, brief report, image report, advancements in technical and medical topics and questionnaires of original issues should not exceed 2 typewritten pages. It should be composed of  English abstracts (50 words).


Title Page: Title of the article should not exceed 100 characters in original articles and 80 characters in case reports. Title should be written in English. The first and last names for all contributors designated as author should be written clearly. Subsequently, address of the institution where the study was performed should be written clearly. If the study was previously presented in any scientific meeting, name and date (as day-month-year) of the organization should be written. The name and mailing address of the corresponding author, accompanied by telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail should be written at the bottom of title page.


Abstracts should be given in separate sheets. The abstract should not exceed 400 words in original articles and 200 words in case reports. English keywords should be listed at the bottom of the abstract page in original articles and should not be more than 5 words. In selecting keywords, authors should strictly refer to the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) list of the Index Medicus. The abbreviations should not be used in the abstract.


Text is composed of Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.

Introduction: The matter and purpose of the study is clearly defined.

Materials and Methods: This should include the date and design of the study, the setting, type of participants or materials involved, a clear description of all interventions and comparisons, and the statistical analysis.

Results: Collected data and results of statistical analysis should be outlined in this section.

Discussion: The discussion section should include interpretation of study findings and results should be considered in the context of results in other trials reported in the literature. All written content should be prepared in conformity with grammar and punctuation rules. Avoid abbreviations whenever possible; in case of necessary, it should be given in parentheses when they are first used. References, figures, tables and illustrations should be consecutively numbered in the order in which they have been cited in the text. All measurement units in the text should be used in accordance with international standards for units of measurement.


References should be given in a separate sheet with double spaced. References should be consecutively numbered in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text using numerals (in parentheses). Reference number should be placed at the end of sentence before the period. If there are multiple references number use ",” between them and "-" should be inserted between digits when three or more consequtive references are used [e.g. (1,2), (1-3)]. Journal references should include the following information: year, volume, first and last pages of article. Book references should include only year and first and last pages of the article. Authors in the references should be cited with last names and first initials. Journal's title should be abbreviated in conformity with the Index Medicus system. References should be cited as per the examples below. If there are more than 6 authors, only first 3 may be listed followed by "et al." for English references.

Journal references:

Vikse BE, Aasard K, Bostad L, Iversen BM. Clinicalprognostic factors in biopsy-proven benign nephrosclerosis. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2003;18:517-23.

Book references:

1)   Danovitch GM. Handbook of Kidney Transplantation. Boston: Little, Brown and Company (Inc.), 1996:323-8.

Chapter in book references:

Davison AM, Cameron JS, Grünfeld JP, Kerr DNS, Ritz E, Winerals CG. Oxford Textbook of Clinical  Nephrology.In Williams G, ed. Mesengiocapillary glomerulonephritis. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998: 591-613.


Tables should be printed on a separate sheet with double spaced. Each table should contain a table number in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text and title that summarizes the whole table. All abbreviations used in the table should be alphabetically arranged and defined under the table (e.g., PS; pulmonary stenosis, VSD: ventricular septal defect).

Figures and Illustrations

Figures and illustrations should be named and numbered. Figures should be provided with a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi) in JPEG format and should be clear. Figures must be submitted online during manuscript submission. Figures embedded into article will not be accepted. If authors accept to charge extra cost, colored publication of the illustrations is possible; otherwise all illustrations will be published as black and white. All abbreviations used in the figures and illustrations should be alphabetically arranged and defined under the footnote. Technique and ratio of magnification for photomicrographs should be indicated. The editorial board has the right to make any revisions on the manuscript unless such changes interfere with the scientific data presented.


Authors should point by point reply the items on which revision is demanded via referee report to the reserved box in the online system and as additional files should be uploaded on Additionally they should do necessary changes in article and highlight them and submit online again.


  1. All pages have been numbered beginning form first page of the text.
  2. Assignment of copyright form has been properly filled and signed.
  3. The abstract should not exceed 300 words in original articles and 150 words in case reports.
  4. The title has been separately written in Turkish and in English.
  5. References is in conformity with the instructions.
  6. All abbreviations used in tables, figures and illustrations have been defined.


On page

  1. Article Type *
  2. Article Title in English *
  3. Running Title *
  4. Manuscript Abstract in English *
  5. Keywords in English *
  6. This sections should be uploded at 5 steps(Article File, Article File in PDF Format, Title Page, Form of Matters Related to Copyright Transfer Agreement and Instructions for Authors, Uploaded Main Files, Additional Files (figures, pictures and tables.