Thyroid Tuberculosis in a Multinodular Goitre Patient

Mehmet Tolga Kafadar 1, Zeliha Esin Çelik 2 *
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1 Bitlis State Hospital General Surgery Department, Bitlis
2 Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine Pathology Department, Konya
* Corresponding Author
EUR J BASIC MED SCI, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 21-24.
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Tuberculosis of the thyroid gland is an extremely rare condition. We aimed to present a case of thyroid tuberculosis detected in a 50 year old female patient presented with a thyroid mass, weakness and dyspnea for three years. The patient was referred to our hospital for evaluation of thyroid nodules. She underwent bilateral total thyroidectomy. The histopathological diagnosis after surgery was tuberculosis of the thyroid gland. The incidence of extrapulmonary forms of tuberculosis has increased in recent years. Although it is observed rarely, tuberculosis should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of nodular lesions of the thyroid gland.


Kafadar MT, Çelik ZE. Thyroid Tuberculosis in a Multinodular Goitre Patient. Eur J Basic Med Sci. 2015;5(1):21-4.


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